Geomatics lab

The Geomatics lab consists of the

  • Laser scanning and multi-sensor system lab and the
  • IGE geomatics real lab.

Both labs use a wide variety of sensor technology for terrestrial point determination and 3D environmental sensing. Both labs are currently under construction. They are scheduled for completion in Q2-2021.

Laser scanning and multi-sensor-system lab

3D-Punktwolken beispielhafter natürlicher und anthropogener Strukturen

Laser scanner

  • Leica RTC360

See also our 3D point clouds of exemplary natural and anthropogenic structures in the research section.


Laser scanner

  • Zoller + Fröhlich Imager 5016

See also our project KINO in the research section.

Total station

  • Leica TS15

Digital levels

  • Leica LS15
  • Leica DNA03

GNSS equipment

  • Leica GS08plus
  • Leica GPS900


  • Leica Nivel 20
  • Taylor Hobson Talyvel 4

MEMS-based acceleration sensors

  • Tinkerforge modules
Test rig for scaled load tests
© Master thesis Pleuger

Test rig for scaled load tests

Use of different sensor technologies, such as MEMS-based acceleration sensors, total stations, laser scanners

IGE geomatics real lab

3D reference point field

3D reference point field for polar measuring sensors